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The Following Months

July 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

For those that read last weeks post you may have noticed that i was a bit of a mess.. but i think i'm over it! By 'it' i mean the emotional rollercoaster that is post-grad life. I'm making strides in my emotional stability and i also have found things to keep me busy, get me out of the house, and to motivate me. That's what this post is about, really. Things that i'm working on, my new employer, and some shoots/workshops coming up. 

I'll start with... I FINALLY got a JOB. Nothing glamorous or high paying, but it sure is exciting. A month without a job felt like an eternity but i'm so glad i waited until the perfect one came along (networking and connections are a real thing people, even if your friend does it for you). I work part time for a relatively new printing company and i'm his first official employee so i'm learning a TON of things i didn't know before, such as how to balance a check book, while also getting to put to use some of my skills learned in school (praise the lord for my computer arts class). My boss has a ton of big dreams and big ideas for the company so i'm excited to be a part of something important and feel like i have a hand in its future success! Also, we're opening a new space in a few weeks and some of my work will be feature on the walls! It's wild. It's exciting. 

As for making strides in the photography world, i've got three upcoming things that i'm happy to share! This upcoming weekend i have signed up for two different styled wedding shoots in the Dallas area so i'll be traveling down there for a few days to visit family and to expand my wedding portfolio! I'm really nervous about it, but i think it'll teach me A LOT, and i will be able to connect with other photographers and vendors in the area which is INVALUABLE. Then a little over a month after that (mid September-ish) i have signed up for a workshop in Okc with the beloved Hailey Faria and i just know it's going to be life changing. It's a 70's themed workshop and there's only a small group of five photographers all staying in an Airbnb together and learning about styling, posing, editing, marketing, traveling, etc. I can't even put into words how happy i am to be a part of it! It's funny to look back to only a few months ago when my professor asked me to make a long term and short term goals list; i put on my long term list "collaborate with other artists in my area" and "attend workshops". I got a few snickers and an "are you sure about that" from my professor, who is known for being brutally honest, because everyone knows how hard it is to work with other artists and the challenges you face with multiple people working towards one creative vision, but i was sure that's what i wanted. I'm so inspired by other artists and their visions and i have a knack for creative problem solving. i just don't think i could ever work by myself all the time. I need that creative outlet to be able to watch other people work, bounce ideas off of other people, and to not get stagnant in my own work.

Anyway, i will keep you guys updated as those things come up. For now, this blog will just continue to be my little diary where i share my excitement and my fears. I don't intend to be one of those artists/photographers that is secretive about what's happening in their lives, so if you're interested in that then stick around! Next week i'll be posting about a shoot i did up in the Whichita Mountains with a dear friend/adopted sister of mine. Those pictures are already up on my website and some are on my instagram, but here i'll be talking more about some behind the scenes of the shoot and where i'm at with my "style" of photography. 

Bonus points to anyone who can count how many times i said "excited" or "exciting" or "excitement" in this. LOL


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